• The event brought together industry leaders and senior executives to share research insights and enterprise implementation best practices in enabling a future ‘smarter’ workplace.
  • On creating a ‘smarter’ workplace, Dr Lynn Wilcox and Ms Sara Cheng kicked off the enterprise segment with insights on how enterprises can leverage on ambient computing, and enterprise AI to drive productivity, and improve collaboration and communications in an increasingly mobile workforce.
  • A hands-on application session at an Experiential Workshop, hosted by experts from Fuji Xerox Digital Platform Solutions, allowed participants to envision a re-invented workplace by using the ‘smart work innovation’ concept to uncover inefficiencies in business workflows.
  • During interactive panel sessions, business leaders offered their first-hand experiences in revitalising businesses with digital solutions, embracing new technologies and enriching the workplace.
  • ” Digital Solutions Meet Gem Wonderland” demonstrated how print can be reimagined in striking, new ways while it underscored the integration of Machine, Digital and Human intelligence, encapsulating Fuji Xerox’s core value propositions in digital transformation as well.

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