• While robots can’t write a full blog post just yet, artificial intelligence can still help social media marketers create the content they share online.
  • Within the Lately dashboard, you can use a simple form to generate a number of tweets at once related to a URL, document, or information posted in the form’s text box.
  • When you click ” Generate Content” the tool will search through the URL, document or text and create tweets related to it.
  • Socialbakers is an AI-driven social media management platform that provides advanced audience insights, an influencer marketing discovery and tracking dashboard, a unified content feed that allows you to see posts on all of your platforms, an analytics dashboard, and smart scheduling tools that can suggest optimal post times.
  • Pattern89 is an AI marketing tool that provides recommendations on almost every aspect of your ads, including recommendations for adjusting your spend and audience targeting to massively increase performance.
  • If you’ve developed a great AI strategy related to social media, you might also want to look at your overall strategy to make sure you’re making the most of automation.

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