• Sales and Marketing teams get exposed to many types of data gathered across campaigns, interactions and online and offline assets.
  • In the past decade, technology has become more sophisticated bringing a huge array of tools into the market to help garner this data and provide a better environment for Sales and Marketing teams to design, roll-out and measure their campaigns.
  • The Sales and Marketing industry has seen AI developments in many areas, such as recommendation engines for better campaign planning, programmatic ad placements, effective online landing pages and intelligent segmentation of the contact base.
  • Using AI in smart segmentation and scraping the internet to enrich accounts and personalize content can drive further campaign success for the Sales and Marketing teams.
  • It’s called Zia and is now part of several of our product lines – CRM, Analytics, Productivity, and Finance.
  • For example, if I search for a customer name, the search result should give me the results from Support Software, Finance Applications, Marketing campaigns, and emails.

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