• While many conversations about AI are happening at a conceptual level, one area where claims of AI are credible, and have already been proven to work in enterprises at scale, is within the cyber security industry.
  • AI algorithms thrive on large information sets as they enable it to accurately self-learn normal patterns of behavior for users and devices across the digital business – empowering the technology to arrive at conclusions of what’s normal and not normal to a higher level of accuracy (as well as much faster) than a human ever could.
  • One AI cyber security vendor, Darktrace, has developed such a technology that passively observes organizations’ metadata flow at scale, ingesting and analyzing activity across an entire digital estate: emails, file-sharing, web browsing, and use of cloud services, among others.
  • This quick threat neutralization gives security teams critical time to catch up and investigate cyber incidents, with threat alerts being delivered to their desktops and mobile phones.
  • In the time taken to read this article, an organization could have experienced an attempt at a cyber breach, with Antigena taking action and stopping all malicious activity.

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