• By using AI, the feature figures out the best headlines from 15 different options and four descriptions that are provided by the user by matching potential customers’ search terms to help improve one’s campaign performance.
  • Thus, a campaign’s performance would be significantly improved as it would be delivered to a dynamic audience segment that is being constantly updated to include more and more relevant audiences, and thus, constantly improve a campaign’s effectiveness.
  • These insights allow for the creation of hyper-personalised campaigns that could significantly boost revenues.
  • , the institute also has a first-rate track record in conducting top-quality quantitative courses, marketing courses and analytics programmes, making it the ideal destination to equip marketing professionals with both the academic framework and practical capabilities to navigate the rapidly-evolving world of AI-powered marketing.
  • Marketing professionals, tech professionals in marketing, CXOs, revenue owners, and startups who are looking to invest in some form of AI in their marketing practices would be best suited to leverage the benefits offered by the programme.

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