• In fact, I think what’s going to happen is we’re going to have more voice fakes than deep fakes, sooner than later because video is actually a bit harder to fake, especially if you look at the eyes and the mouth.
  • This was right after informing the audience that time spent on mobile devices surpassed TV viewership making mobile our primary device for media consumption.
  • What does this world look like, if you’re listening to Deloitte, Deloitte will come forward onto a stage like this.
  • Whether you like millennials or hate millennials, whether you are a millennial or not really relevant to me, what is relevant is that you have a significant percentage of them almost half basically saying that while I’m shopping, I do use voice to figure stuff out.
  • The actual person who’s staying in the room, because it’s much easier and intuitive to do this, you could have one track that’s speaking directly to your hotel services, you give them another track that maybe even just plugs into your own account.

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