Our Story

Peak Writing begins in a dimly lit dorm room at the University of the West Indies in the spring of 2006. Running out of money to cover basic living expenses, Paul Thompson sees an opportunity to write resumes for Final Year Students. It's hard work, but he does well enough to cover his expenses, and even start a T-Shirt business with the profits. He eventually lands a job as a Cultural Research Assistant where he develops a love for  Market Research.

But he dreams of becoming a Copywriter. He leaves to join a local  Ad Agency where he becomes their Head Copywriter for more than a decade. He gathers a wealth of Marketing & Advertising experience working closely with brands across a range of industries and territories including Central and North America.

In June 2018, having honed his craft, and acquired skills in Finance and Management, he migrates to the United States to pursue Peak Writing Services full time. Today he leads a multi-disciplinary team of Writers and Strategists, offering Copywriting, Contention Creation & Marketing  Services to startups and growth stage brands.